Gnitou Tennis Academy


  1. Coach Gnitou focuses on developing his students' technique, footwork, & strategy
  2. Coach Gnitou works with both children & adults
  3. Coach Gnitou offers private, semiprivate, & group lessons (up to 4 people & 2 hours)

Working With Students

Coach Gnitou...

  1. has been a Davis Cup Player for the Congo
  2. is PTR Level 1, 2, & 3 Certified
  3. is ITF Level 1 Certified
  4. is MOT master certified
Picture of Coach Gnitou

Student Testimonials

"Coach has a great eye for your technique and has a lot of tennis intelligence and experience. Thumbs up!"


Edward Tang

"Excellent coach and service, would recommend tenfold!"


Jack Mercer

"The best coach!!"


Kayla Ruggiero

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